Dec 24, 2010


time is always there for us. everybody have the same 24 hours per day. it is just that whether u know how to utilize the time fully.

so now there is a me. a single me. a bit lost in this world. sesat ditengah jalan yang lurus. well, i hope i am still in the jalan yang lurus. anyway, now is only second week n i already feel like it is in the middle of sem already. n yes not only is my body tired. my mind too. hence i think i need a long vacation. but not that long cuz i might end up dont know what to do

what did i do during the last inter-sem vacation? well, i think i have write that down in my previous post. so let me just continue what happen next.

this sem start on monday, 13 december 2010. so not a good start. but first let me tell u what happen before that.

12 december 2010, sunday. karate grading. if i pass, i get to 3rd kyu. if i fail, i might remain at 4th kyu. but i dont know my result just yet. just hoping for miracle, cuz i dont think i pass. even if i did, it will be just in the border line pass.

so morning is the grading. n afternoon we did some training. for demo at IIS. but last minute, they change. no girl are suppose to do the demo. the demo should be on monday morning. already plan to skip class. n since it was cancel, n dont really know what to do. it might be a good idea if i go to class. so i did go to class LATE. n till now, if i meet the lecturer on the hallway, he will know me. the girl who come late to class.

n that is my story of my first class for this sem. then the next class, came early. n we got a quiz.didnt do well. it is just the same if i dont do the quiz

2nd, 3rd, 4th day. not much to tell

on friday, went to penang for shito-ryu interdojo championship. was selected, thou im not that good. or must i say, not good at all. my coach has trust in me than i do to myself. n by luck i got silver for above 16 years old, kata open on saturday. n also silver for kumite above 16 years old, below 53kg. big thankx to my sensei

yada yada yada. yesterday, got iftar jamaie with KARISMA gombak. (karisma is acronym for kelab rakan siswa islah malaysia). so went there. eat some food. n kek too. thou i dont remember who are the birthday girls. all that i could remember is nusaibah. (this is my friend's name, n not the name of mahallah. who cares about that mahallah anyway. hahahah). then after that, went to karate training as usual. n after training, have some makan2 as a celebration for all who got medals. n yes, i didnt bring mine ( i mean my medal). so didnt take much photo. wait, i think i did take some photo. with kak ecam medal (she got bronze, for ASEAN university games) she is so good that i wish i will be like that some day. well hope so. n i also took picture with aikido suite. hehe didnt remember what is the name of that thing, but there is a picture of me in it.

n today, i become an assistant instructor for kak ecam. not that good. or is it not good at all. this is the first time i teach kids. i usually teach people of about the same age.

now, im at e3 lab. suppose to do my research for my fyp. so far, still doing literature review. some of my friends already start doing experiment. biarlah mereka. asalkan aku bahagia.

seems that my writing is already quite long. so better i stop now. good day to you!

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