Dec 8, 2010

MAHA expo

i think this is the first time i have been to this kind of place. at first, malas2. but then, thinking of maybe this will help me in the future (my fyp to be exact), so i went there with a friend of mine (mr tourist guide, n also driver. hehe)

thou i dont exactly find anything that can be link to my fyp. but i think there are so many things i learn there. first of all, my first time in many things.. first time watching a real life penyu. first time touch a baby padi. first time see a very big (or is it many?) fruits that i never saw them that BIG. then my first time i see a real ayam cantik. (what is it call eh, dah tak ingat. hehe). also my first time watching a red banana. n other things i never see them in real life (selama ni tengok kat tv je =( ). so it is a good thing i went there. wish that i have a nearby kampung that i can visit at least once a week (or monthly at least). but since i dont, i wish i can go there again. but next time with my lil bro, n they will be more 'jakun' than me. i think i also do act like kids there. thank again mr tour guide for layaning this kid.

in short, i get to know so so many things. saya dah keluar sikit dari tempurung kaca. (kenapa kaca? haha) so for my fyp? ntah la. jangan fikir pening2, mari kita bergembira selagi cuti masih ade. haha

to mr tour guide, if u read this post, do leave a comment ya. kat shoutbox pon boleh. (^_^)

oh, saya dah ingat something, itu ayam serama. kot. haha. kan kan?

for more info of the expo, do visit this webpage. i went there on thursday to avoid crowd, but the crowd is still there. sigh..

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