Jan 24, 2011


post no 327. dah banyak rupanya aku merepek kat dalam ni. haha. something good happen today, but i still seems not to be happy..

tadi ade org tegur, "ko skrg dah tak kenal aku eh". 

perasaan jadi betul2 kacau. tapi berjaya ditenangkan lepas solat zuhor tadi. n that comment is right before i did my prayer. dengan tak nampak sape yg tegur aku berkata, "sorry ar, tak nampak". dah tak pakai cermin mata. mana la nak nampak. sorry la ye.

so in short, if i didnt tegur u. 
please check first whether i wear my glasses or not. 
if i do wear them, then just tegur me if i dont tegur u. 
cuz maybe i am thinking of something n didnt see u infront of me.  
or maybe i am just in a rush to go somewhere that i didnt see u. 

friends are like treasure n i know that
it is just that life are sometimes too hectic that i dont have time to update with each n everyone of u
n so sorry for that
i dont want to be a friend is only there when i need someone to help me
but if i do, sorry for that. i really dont meant to be that way

sms. sorry friend if i dont reply ur text
reason is just that i dont have credit
or i dont notice that i got a text message
in some cases, i do read ur text but decide to reply it later 
cuz i am in the middle of doing something
n at the end forget about the sms
if it is a notification, pemberitahuan, announcement, etc. 
most probably i wont reply. 
other than that, maybe i just dont want to reply ur text

ym, msn, or other online services
sorry if i seems online but didnt reply
it is either i am not in front of my laptop
or the line is not good
or i am in the middle of doing something
or i am sleeping but forget to switch on my laptop
other than that, i am just not in the mood to reply. but this only applicable for some guys

thats all from me. it is up to u to be friend with me. but try not to be my enemy. we can just ignore each other if that is what u want. peace no war

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