Jan 26, 2011


blog post no 328. aku keletihan

we get the same 24 hours everyday, sometimes it seems to be more than enough. sometimes it is just not enough. but it is the same 24 hours

last week, i didnt go to dojo. if i do go to training, i will be the last person to arrive. dojo training start at 9pm, n i came around 10pm. not good. but better late than never. i do learn something new for that short period of time. but it might be better if do come on time, better never late. cuz i will learn more than  if i come late.

so in conclusion those who never come late will get more knowledge than those who came late. n better come late than not coming at all.

then my performance in IKCT- IIUM Karate-Do Closed Tournament 2011. the name looked grand. but it is just a small tournament. the selection for MASUM to be exact. n me? join saje2. n that join saje2 make me lenguh2 satu badan n my sleeping time also change. so need to alter my cardian time again. sighh..

oh, lupa pulak. IKCT was on sunday, n on saturday i went to carrier coaching program. learn a lot of etiquette lesson. but most probably i will stick to some of my current image @branding. as what my parents used to tell me, you are what you are n people just need to respect ur with that. alasan taknak pakai high heels. so all i need to do is just to work hard on my internship so that my first real job will be easy.

thats all from me, no midterm for biomaterial today. postponed to 7th feb. im so happy with the everyday got exam after mid break..

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