Jan 17, 2011

another karate weekend

as some of us know USC happened last week. start on monday n ends on saturday. USC = university sports carnival. so there are many sports include in the USC n my mahallah get 2nd for the overall champion. betul la kot. haha. tak kesah pon siapa yang memang. cuz the objective is not in winning but to do our best in the game that we play. winning is just somehing extra that we might get.

anyway, on saturday night was the closing ceremony for the USC. n again this year, we karateka did our thing which is our demo. but his time, unlike all the other demo, i did my first solo kata. yes individual kata in the middle of the field. it really is a new thing for me. dah la baju kotor sebab jatuh. maka masa nak start tu kurang confident. tapi masa dah start kata, lupa baju kotor. haha. n i believe that i performed kata better than the one in penang. oh, i also break some papan n genting atap. papan tu biasa2 je. semua orang boleh buat. tapi genting tu cam WOW! khadijah mampu buat. haha. happy giler lepas berjaya pecahkan. tapi pecahkan genting tu after demo ar. sebab sensei takut ktorg injured time demo. atau takut malu sebab tak berjaya pecahkan time demo. tapi sebab nak sangar pecahkan genting, lepas demo tu ku pecahkan juga ia. ngan alasan tak baik membazir, ade genting extra tu baik pecahkan. haha..

ahad is sunday. sunday went to 1st time ever centralize training MASK + TSKA. MASK = Malaysia Association of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do, TSKA = Traditional Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Association. yes same style, shito-ryu. what are the difference between the two? I also dont know. but hey, it was an experience not to forget. wakil seishinkan dojo (@uia gombak dojo): sensei sham, senpai khadijah, senpai hajar, senpai ameen. n raziman from UIA PJ dojo.

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