Jan 13, 2011

hujung = end, minggu = week

Khadijah being more unorganized. haha. why am I seems to be happy with that? err.. anyway, having two very great weekend back to back seems to be.. hmm. how can I say this.. making me happy but will definitely end on monday at 12 noon. cuz I dont like that subject. but seems that I need to take that subject, I need to like that subject a bit. class start at 11.30, n at 12 I will start to look at the time. haha. really2 want to have that class end earlier than schedule.

so talking about my recent weekends. saturday morning, karate training as usual at IIS, then meeting with IIUM shito-ryu karate-do club mainboards and exco members, and karate club president and vice president of PJ n nilai campus. what is my post? well, just being promoted from multimedia girl (exco publicity and promotion) to vice president. with reason that I am the most senior member in karate (join karate since 1st year in PJ) n also senior in level, UIA. yes i am a 4th year student, 3rd kyu, but not senior in age. still 21 years old. why do i need to mention the age again? hehe

so meeting ended at 4pm. start at 11am. gila lama.. but hey, we have long break in between. break for zuhor n lunch. 

then, sunday, interesting journey from uia to bangi n also from bangi to uia. the program at bangi itself was great. hope that after this, i will be a good instructor n trainer. i dont know how to describe, but yes, it really is a great experience.

the week before. went to YOQ which stand for youth outdoor quest. organize by ikram (new name for karisma) and WAMY. indeed a great program. siapa cakap budak usrah tak pergi camping. but the good thing about me in there is that thou schedule is somehow tight, i manage to finish reading half of a juz. pandai2 la korg kira brape page. tapi kat uia ni susah sangat nak ngaji bnyk tu dalam masa cam tu. maybe one reason being internet, n also phone. kat sana phone takde line, n phone pon mati sebab tak charge before g camping. other reason, bila ramai orang baca quran, kte pon nak baca sama. hope that i can be the initiator for this. start baca, pastu semua manusia pon baca. 

apa lagi eh nak citer? lain kali je la. dah panjang dah ni. will be writing again soon..

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