Jan 6, 2011

just a stroll

making a stroll at friends blog. n found these..

first, nearly all my friend has the new year note. so guess, no need for me to rewrite what have been written. takde mood pon nak tulis pasal tahun baru sbnarnye. haha.

next, some of the things that seems interesting, copy paste from friend's blog:

taken from faridi's page

and also this:

Things that hurt :

* Being unsure of how someone feels about you.
* Feeling like they are mad at you.
* Being misunderstood by people you care about.
* Being judged by people you care about.
* Feeling like you lost something that was never yours.
* Feeling like you’re doing too much.
* Thinking you aren’t doing enough.
* Not knowing if you should say something.
* Worried about what they’ll think if you do say it.
* Feeling like you care more than they do

taken from faraheen who also copy paste from her friend. hehe

nice picture kan? taken from kak rina's blog

this one is from my other friend, tiqa. panjang sebenarnye post dia. tapi ayat ni menarik perhatian..
"doctor: please tell her... i dont think she know that i have crush on her
a patient: girls always know..."

btol ke ni? kadang2 ade gak rase. tapi cam perasan je. slalu kalo rase cm ade org suka, ignore je senang. sebab 1)mungkin perasaan sendiri je and 2) takkan nak tanye kat dia. hey ko suka aku ke? so senang wat tak tau je. walaupon sangkaan tu kadang2 sangatlah tepat.
just to add, guys are better being a friend than a lover. kurang problem. haha


Reportero local said...

"just to add, guys are better being a friend than a lover. kurang problem. haha"

WHY??? Sedih kaum Adam hari ni! Care to explain?

DeeJa said...

first of all, "guys are better being best friend than lover" is better than "no women no cry"

now explanation, guys when they are friends are good listener, teman lepak, advisor.

BUT when they become lover, that girl no longer can do whatever she wants. ni tak blea, tu tak blea.

Reportero local said...

That's because when the guy is near someone that they like, they'll listen, hoping that she'll be his....

And when they are together, he is afraid of losing her... trust me on this. That's why it is better for them to get married...Takde nyer si Isteri nak larikan diri.

tl;dr Guys love the person that they love very much!