Feb 2, 2011

331: life change

when u grow older, u can see changes in life. student these days are just not the same with our time. and we also dont behave like our parents when they are of the same age

I was a driver yesterday. send sister to school early in the morning. then saw some students walking very relax like nothing happen, thou it should be assembly time. and I think it is 8.30am. if I was the emcee, assembly is already done. haha. miss the old days. anyway, I remember when I was in that age. 8.30am is when I already open the Quran, ready to have my memorization check by my ustazah. or sometimes, still in the assembly area being the emcee or just standing at the back of the line. my friends just love to see me infront cuz they know that I dont like assembly and if i were to be the emcee, it will be a really2 short one. i can shorten the assembly time like up to approximately 10 minutes and assembly time should be about 20 to 30 minutes. oh, n for monday suppose to be for 1 hour, but still i can shorten it to 15 minutes. haha. teruk perangai. or at the school gate, being a prefect, this is my fav spot to excuse myself from the assembly. and that time, sempat la nak baca buku ke, wat homework yg tak sempat siap, or hafal ayat baru sebab blom cukup quota. n still remember, they said min per day is 3 ayat or half page, n I am the one yg slalu hafal kurang. n if dah hafal lebih, will tasmi' the next day. to achieve the min quota. haha.

anyway, talking about students. last time if the bell rings, we are like cepat2 to go to class, or finish the meal or pape je la. today's student, it is just the bell ringing. we hate going to assembly, but still we go. and in class, we are like want to be the best. n they are like, bagi jela org lain buat. i really cant find the enthusiasm in their face..

how i know this things? my sister is now a teacher teaching form one (age 11 to 13), n me myself teach karate (age 9 to 16). they come to class, n go out. they seems like i dont want to know anything, all i care is to get pass. mane tak nyer, stance masih cam hampeh, bole pulak dia tanye bila nak dapat black belt. ish2. dulu, masa aku white tak berani nak tanye sensei camtu. n this also happen to my classmates n myself sometimes in uni life. dont want to understand, they just want to get things done. 

knowledge is something to be seek and appreciated. now i know how difficult it is to be a teacher.

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