Jan 28, 2011

330: multi-tasking

was doing revision then suddenly got this email. just love the content and feel like sharing this to the world. hehe.

Did Muhammad (peace be upon him) Multi-task?
He (peace be upon him) was a Prophet, a Messenger, a teacher, a governor, a father, a husband, a friend and human. He (peace be upon him) had multiple roles in his life, and excelled at each one of them without exception. It made me wonder, did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) uni-task or multi-task?
Most of us grew up in the age of multi-tasking, where you can’t call yourself productive if you weren’t a good multi-tasker. You’re expected to do 10 things at at a time, and that’s how you’re supposed to survive. After all multi-tasking is less efficient, it’s complicated, prone to stress and errors, and it’s simply crazy!
So what is uni-tasking and how can you develop a uni-tasking habit?Single-tasking is doing your work, one task at a time, each task done with full focus and dedication. Here are some tips:
1. Become conscious
When you start doing something, become more aware you’re starting that activity.
2. Clear distractions
If you’re going to read, clear everything else away, so you have nothing but you and the book. If you’re going to do email, close every other program and all browser tabs except the email tab, and just do that.
3. Choose wisely
Don’t just start doing something. Give it some thought — do you really want to turn on the TV? Do you really want to do email right now? Is this the most important work task you can be doing?

to those who have exam today and tomorrow, all the best to you. to the rest of the world citizens, have a great weekend n may this weekend is better than the previous one. 

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