Feb 6, 2011

4 in 1

we live in this world once. one is one, not two, not three..

when u meet your schoolmate, what do u usually talk about? we dont talk about studies, but our school life. even if we do talk about class, it will not be how the digestive system look like. we will not talk about all the mathematical formula. but we talk about the funny silly things that we have had done. especially near our IGCSE.  yes, the exam that will determine our future. well maybe. that time, we dont care much about the GCE outcome, all we think of is to maximise our happy time, school life is about to end.  

now is my final year of my degree. but there are so soooo many things that have not been done. how many silly dumb things have i done in uni anyway? macam takde je. sedih btol. 

yes, CGPA is important. well maybe it is. but having a great memory of uni life is better. i dont want to only have memory of me in class. i want something outside, if u know what i mean. so to my juniors. get ready. this senior want to do things out of this world. hahahaha.. rasenye dak karate yg jadi mangsa aku ni. hehe

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Ameen Topa said...

It is good to have nice memories in the uni life...but in my opinion, your performance in studying is MORE important!!!

You already spent your time maximizing your happiness before uni life...so don't you think this is the time to maximize your PARENTS' happiness by getting better grades and making them proud of you?

P.S. just sharing an opinion...