Feb 7, 2011

aku tewas..

it is me again n i really like to talk about myself. 

yesterday, i sleep early. im done with reading all the scientific names. i dont know how to pronounce those words, just hope that in the morning i can recall all those. biomaterial mid exam is postpone again for the second time. i dont really care. seriously, i just want the exam to be done, thou i know my result wont be that good. but looking at my classmates. kesian mereka. there are those who just arrive in the morning (bad traffic from hometown), sleep in the bus, n stay up to read this subject, muka diorg memang ngantuk giler tadi. n for those who live nearby, they come to uia on saturday or sunday. yang semangat tu, khamis pon dah sampai. dah tu, semalam stay up, muka ngantuk. 

aku? i just want to get things done. not really prepare for exam. n takde perasaan nak exam pon sebenarnye. now, anytime will do. nak buat exam jap agi pon takpe. cuz i really want to get things done, n dont really care the outcome. tapi harap2 pass ar. 

pagi tadi sempat nak breakfast ngan family. goreng pisang nyum2.. pastu mak siapkan bekal nasi goreng agi. love my family. esok takde class composite n msd. macam nk balik rumah pon ade. hehe

tajuk tu cam lari lak dari karangan aku ni. well, aku tewas ni sebab kalah ngan diri sendiri. kepala pusing, balik bilik, tido, terponteng class. pening before n after sleeping. n still pening. 

esok takde class. nak buat apa eh? 

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Ameen Topa said...

Won't your family be happy if you score high in your midterms or finals and have a better CGPA?