Feb 26, 2011

penulisan dikala..

it is fun doing things out of this world. ok, that really is a hyperbola. but sometimes it is good to just not follow the norms. it is normal not to follow normal things. now the sentence doesnt look normal. but i hope u understand what i am trying to say. hee~

sometimes life just get tough. or hard. anything that sounds better. thou hard n tough is actually two different things, but never mind.
so, what im trying to say is that, sometimes we feel that we are at the end of the road. but hey, even if u drive, u can still reverse. n if u really dont know what to do. u can always get out from the car. haha. if we cant find the long way, we can always find a shortcut. when there is a will there is a way. 

talking about procedure, sometimes it is better just not to follow. cuz it is tiresome n burdensome n leceh. but if u follow the rules, it might be better for you.

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