Mar 31, 2011

back to school..

went to visit my former school today. cant recall when was the last time i visit that place. well, i do visit. but not really visit. confused? well, i did go see the school. but only to fetch n pick up my siblings. not really of go inside the school. most of the time, im in a rush to go somewhere. or just to lazy to step out from the car

anyway, today i have a very good reason to be there. today was the first time i have training at Adni Islamic School after few years. i think the last time i had my karate training is during my secondary 4. what year was that? 2004 i think. n training today is back to basics. n really2 basics. really remind me of the dojo training that we used to have when i was in my white belt. ye ke dulu blaja cmni? hmm.. 

anyway, i nearly sesat in my very own school. luckily i met mr harris. n he show me to the dojo place. talking about sesat. this is what actually happen if u, in this case me, dont step into the school compound. 1st. my class is no more a class. now is conference room. suddenly miss the teacher's table. the place where my classmate n i play ping pong before n after class time. n also before the teacher comes in. huhu. 2nd. is my lepak place. not at all a hiding place cuz that place is so open area. semua orang boleh tau kalo tak masuk kelas. but with the very same reason, budak o-level. its up to us to take the subject or not. hoho. best btol time tu. time tu la rase best. sekarang ni agak menyesal gak. ye ar, tak mo masuk history, geography, arabic. tu je kot. 3rd, the administrative office has change place. that place is now classroom. tekejut gak tadi. cuz im actually thinking of looking at the current teacher chart. takde keje. 4th, library has expanded. n i no longer know where is the audio visual room. harini sempat jelajah 1st floor sekolah je. next time dtg, nak check puas2. 

dapat sms ade replacement class next week. cam malas la pulak nk jejak kaki kat uia tu. tapi demi final exam, terpaksa la kot jejakkn kaki kt uia tu. k ar. sambung study. memahami cmne la mr m dapat equation sebegitu rupa. adios. all the best to me n u ^.^

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