Mar 29, 2011


sem ni dah nak habis. alhamdulillah, so lepas ni tinggal final exam je. pastu mungkin g mukayyam. pastu start kerja. syukur, syukur, syukur. i really am grateful to everything and everthing that i have. i love myself. hoho. but then again, apa je yang dah capai sem ni? hmm..

well first. there is karate grading. my second grading in gombak. being promoted to 3rd kyu. then me go to penang. then there is IKCT. after that onegaishimasu. me become club VP n also assistant instructor for karate class in IIS. is this all i have done this sem? semua pasal karate je. wait. i also join mukayyam khariji, ummatic week. ok at least 2 non-karate event. lain2 tu rasenye talk je kot. n gosh, sem ni tak pergi daurah pon. oh tidak. usrah pon ade ter-miss. opss.. bnyk gak ni program karisma-ikram yg aku miss. takpe, next sem ade agi, lea improve attendance. n when u dont know where to point the finger to, lets point to the innocent fyp. sian fyp ak, tak bersalah langsung. frankly speaking, i dont really know my fyp direction till the time i really do my report writing. maka, masa itu sedikit kalut. but then, my presentation for my fyp wasnt that bad. well, at least i feel that way. except the fact that i forget to show the examinar the sample i have with me. baik toksah bawak. oh, i also cut my presentation short. hoho.

bila mengenangkan tinggal 1 sem je lagi kat uia ni. n got tons of other small stuff that yet to be fullfilled. sempat ke nk capai semua ni? senior2 yg dah grad pon ckp, buat la apa2 yg nak buat selagi bergelar student. so skrg ni plus minus simplify, ada la kot yg masih sempat kalo nak buat.

till then, all the best to me. dah present fyp pon cm masih tak percaya ak dah final year. some people say that i am just to young to be in this stage. for those who follow malaysia n singapore education system, i am indeed quite fast. but if u follow the american n those european standards, then im actually normal. kira, takde la pandai mana pon. sesekali perasan pandai cam best. hoho

dah2, jom pandaikan diri ini dengan baca buku bosan itu. reading that book will make me sleep faster than taking a cough syrup. hoho. bila la ak nk rajin baca buku ni.. haiz~

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