Mar 9, 2011

i may not be an artist..

for an artist, they need idea to draw. if nothing comes to their mind, they just cant draw anything.

but then, being somebody not in the art field, people aspect u to behave like robots. they give u datelines, n u need to follow the datelines. i dont hate datelines, as long as the datelines are reasonable enough. but coming back to the topic. i am just not a robot. i am an ordinary girl. who is moody sometimes. or is it most of the times? haha

anyway, there are times i just simply cant do anything.
there are times i just cant focus.
there are also times where i can get very blur for the whole day.

i need a mood to write report
i need the mood to do assignment
i even need a mood to do some writing.

so if i dont want to do it
i just cant do it
i am not a machine who get input
process the information
n gives out output

if i cant do it, i just cant do it
even if i want to do it, i just cant

but if the mood comes, i might be able to do the problems in the matter of minutes..

incredible me? yes i know. haha

reading map for tomorrow. harap esok tak sesat jalan..

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