Mar 11, 2011


reading a same text can have different intonation. n that intonation bring people with different perspective. i dont meant to be rude. i dont want to be rude. i love u and will always respect u. sorry if my sms hurts ur feeling. maybe the sentence look so direct n rude. but i really dont know how to write 'bunga2'. 

talking about sentence, dulu masa kat sekolah, buat pantun n sajak selalu kena kritik. sebab direct sangat. kurang between the lines sentence. 

pernah dinasihat banyak kali. n i am still like this. memang tak salah untuk jadi manusia jujur. tapi ayat tu kena tapis sikit. n i am relly not good in that. still working on it, but still like this..

tak jadi jujur bukan bermaksud perlu menipu. it is just that having a nice sentence for others to hear and so that they listen to you. n not being dumb enough to tell everything and hurts people feeling. but at the same time it does not mean that u need to be kaki kipas, kaki ampu, etc.

so guys, if i do hurt ur feeling. do tell me k. sedih bila dengar benda ni dari orang ketiga. yes, i know sometimes kte tak bole nk cakap direct. but i prefer if u tegur, marah, maki me infront of my face than talking about me behind my back. yes i might disagree n might not want to talk to you for a while. but at least u make me think, and saya tak marah lama. watpe nk marah kt org lama2 pon. buat penat n tambah penyakit je. 

so till then. adios..

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