Mar 19, 2011


the best thing to do when u feel sad is to cry like a baby, hug a teddy bear, then sleep. i just knew this thing yesterday. haha. now i know why so many girl friend of mine got a teddy in their room. teddy bear also have other function. one example is like, if u are angry at somebody, but cant cekik him or her. teddy bear is the place u can do such thing.

but the thing is, i no longer have a teddy bear. well, even if i do, i dont know where i put it, or where my mom put those creatures. dah besar la katekan. but i do feel that some of those creatures still at home. haha. tiba2 rasa cam nak cari.

sekarang ni dah besar, so thats mean no more teddy bear for me. teddy bear tu memang zaman sekolah rendah je pon. so if i suddenly feel sad, tell everything to my mom, she listen. give some solution. n tell me some jokes just to make me laugh. love u mom. tapi sekarang ni kat uia. mak kat rumah

dah2, sambung wat kerja.. adios


Ameen Topa said...

why sad?

DeeJa said...

cuz not happy. haha

IIUM Shito Ryu said...
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