May 9, 2011

lunch time

being a new employee, i just love lunch time. its the time to refill my stomach. to get some rest. physical n spiritual. eh?

well, physically. i do can walk around the office during office time. but it will looks strange right. balik2 budak ni jalan2 sana sini. but i think if my employer do check my card, he can see that i frequently go to toilet. hehe. n the girl who still feel cold, that she shiver thou wearing jacket.

so lunch time, i get to walk away from workstation. heat myself a bit. refill my stomach. so physically, i do recharge.

btw, the company give an hour break. duration 12 to 2. pick any hour u want. so i usually take 12.30 to 1.30. nice eh? tapi kalau lapar turun awal sikit. hehe.

anyway, during lunch time. around 12.30 there will be short tazkirah in the surau. nice. so far, i only come on time once. the rest i came a bit late. hehe. so spiritually im also recharge + refresh. zuhor prayer + tazkirah during lunch time. i dont think i have other better things to do.

i think i have write long enough. back to work stuff aka reading. reading to succeed. aja-aja fighting!

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