Jul 15, 2011


Sepertinya ramai sudah tamatkan perjuangan EIT (Engineering Industrial Training). Tahniah.

Only if I didn't make the request to extend my training, only if I didn't accept to extend the training duration, only if I didn't take that extension letter, only if all the mentioned happen, I would not have extra 2 weeks in Technip.

BUT. If that really happen, I would not be able to know more on piping specialty item, I would not learn what I plan and wish to learn. Cuz so far, what I have learned are only the basics or the introductory part to be a piping material engineer.

People do things with some objectives. or at least with one objective. we go to class to learn something new. sometimes we are clear of what we are searching for. but sometimes we don't. being a student, i always want to learn something new. but if u ask me what do i want to learn about. my answer would be i don't know. only at the end of the semester i know what the whole subject is all about. thou sometimes still not sure what it is about n end up memorizing something for final exam n get a C.nasib baik pass. 

anyway, about the same thing happen during my industrial training. only near the end of the training i have some list of what i should do n be doing. haha. so i apply to extend the training

i don't know whether there is this type of saying in this world.
"it is either you are ignorant or stupid"
if you feel like you are clever, then you are actually an ignorant. cuz there are still so so many things to learn.

akhir kata. tak suka style blogger yg baru ni. grey je

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