Sep 3, 2011

raya 2011

dikala ramai dah balik kampung atau tengah siap2 nak balik kampung, ku masih mengadap laptop buat report. lusa lak ada exam. arghh!!

September 3, 2010 at 12:44am

this was my facebook status for last year on the very same day. 

but this year is different. this year I got 5 month break (including the 14  weeks of industrial training). so this year, for the first time since I was being enroll as UIA student (including the foundation years) I get to break fast at home, and to sahur everyday with my family. and apart from that, I got about 2 weeks to celebarate raya (eid is suppose to be on first day of syawal only). so 1 week of raya celebration in singapore n 1 week in malaysia. 

talking bout the ziarah sedara-mara. i think the last time i visit my relative in kl-selangor area was during my secondary school years. which was on year 2005. tu pon lepas abes exam IGCSE O-level. the year where my family n I went back to singapore on the 1st day if syawal cuz I got a paper on that day. habis je paper tu terus balik singapore (despite the fact that I got another paper in 3 days time). teringat zaman blaja bio sampai nk muntah pada malam raya. nasib baik bio grade turns out not to be that bad, kalo tak agak sia2 je beraya di perantauan. dah la tu semayang raya kt masjid uia, so tak rasa macam kat malaysia. rasa macam kat perantauan sungguh, haha. 

so then, I can say that ever since 2005, I got exam during raya celebration period. cuz the next year after 2005 (year 2006), the year I was enrolled in UIA matriculation centre till last year 2010, exam is a week after raya. n raya vacation is during the exam revision period. so it is not that much of a celebration. bawak buku g spore tapi tak baca pon. haha 

this year, we went to singapore 3 days before eid. for presidential election. undi adalah rahsia. so, this year I get to anyam ketupat, isi beras, rebus. n help in cooking all the lauk raya (lodeh, opor, sambal tumis, sambal goreng, etc). 

macam dah panjang je karangan. so ill stop my essay for now. selamat hari raya!!

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