Oct 25, 2011

dont judge me just yet

ini adalah karangan untuk bagitau bahawasanya saya tak bersalah.

1. saya tahu sedikit kacau bilau berlaku pada hari sabtu. bukan saya tidak mahu masuk campur. but u guys make me not to interfere your job. remember u said we are ok, we r doing fine. so i just let it be. u r the captain for masum. u joined many tournament, n join many program as committee. maybe it is your first time being a program manager, but being a fourth year student who join many program (thou not related to karate) n joined many tourney (very related to karate). so u should know how to lead n organized a program. 

i hate it when people put the blame on me. what a bad organization. who is the president n vice. sorry i didnt show up during the weekend. i just have other things to work out. but i did come on friday. to help u guys with the suppose to have finish work, but havnt. 

i dont want to be your superior to make u listen to what i say. but i want to be your friend, to help u with your work. tapi sebab tak perlukan bantuan, so selamat tinggal la ye. 

kalo saya tahu ada meeting, i dont need an invitation to tell me that i need to go, but i will be there!

2. kepada kawan yang baru ku kenal. sorry didnt reply your email. but i have other things to do rather than just  entertaining u. if u want to ask me about my final year project. do ask. but please ask a direct question. i wont entertain your not so important question. 

3. facebook adalah tempat saya mengupdate dengan kawan2 yang dah lama tak jumpa. saya tak suka chat dalam facebook. kalau nak chat, sila on ym. if u want to chat with me on fb, kalau tak reply tu janganlah marah ye. 

4. ketidakhadiran saya pada daurah... tiada alasan rigid.    


Reportero local said...

Sila chat on YM. Got it

Ameen Topa said...

First of All, I’ve NEVER blamed you for not showing up, regardless of what you hear from other people. To tell the truth, I was doing work comfortably with my committees. But every time you showed up, I felt uneasy. It’s like when your boss shows up, you feel nervous and afraid that you did any mistakes. And that was true, you came last minute and pointed all the mistakes, but on the other hand, I’ve never heard a word of praise for the things that we have done.

Second, the event was great Alhamdullilah. Sensei Mizan said it was better than last interdojo in Penang. Sensei Iman said it was the best interdojo ever. President of ShitoRyu was pleased with the opening ceremony and the lunch. There was even someone who was very happy with the organizers to the extent that he wanted to sponsor a simple appreciation dinner. What more do you want?

Third, thanks for your help and for staying up late that night. But with all due respect, no one even looked at your work during Saturday and Sunday. We were doing okay preparing for the event before you showed up; we did okay on the first day (Friday) even though we did NOT have a master plan. I’ve been to some successful programs that didn’t have a master plan.
The only problem was the delay because of the charts. That cannot be blamed on Technical Committees. The charts were ready in Saturday morning, but because some teams registered late on that morning, we had to redraw everything.

Fourth, yes, I did joined many events but this is the first time I am a PM and you know that. When I don’t know what to do, I refer to sensei Iman and sensei Mizan because they are there, available in front of my eyes. Sorry but I cannot count on those who do not come to dojo and I am against dividing the club to a management team and training team. If you want to be welcome, you have to work with everyone from the beginning. Like that, they feel like you are a friend. But if you come only last minute, bossing around, then no wonder that they will treat you like a boss.

Fifth, some new members now have only seen you two or three times, and never seen mr p at all! Is that how should it be? I NEVER said that our organization is bad organization. I NEVER complained for doing other people works. I am happy with the karate club. The only thing that I’m not happy with is that some people don’t come to dojo, and make excuses for that.

Sixth, I've never judged you, so you also don't judge me. You don't know what I am going through.
If there is anything, I will say directly to you, in private. You don't have the right to tell me what kind of leader I should be. At least I've tried from A to Z. I show my face always...I've never had thoughts of stopping half ways like some people did.

Lastly, you are my superior. That’s fact. You cannot change it. You claim you want to be my friend, but your actions speak otherwise. You were the one who chose to stop friendship with me. That was YOUR choice.