Nov 30, 2011


Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar

first of all, sorry for not updating my blog. life quite hectic lately. n not so much to tell anyway. huhu

InsyaAllah this will be my final semester in UIA. so currently, most of my time i spend to my final year project work. n also some other stuff that might not be able to do once we start working.

speaking of work. apply for many company (less than 20) n being rejected by 2. n the others doesnt reply. hoho. apply kt jobstreet je pon. then other job seeking website, only apply as in only register into that webpage, but not really apply in any specific job. n the others, i applied by email. n till now nobody reply (accept for the rejected application email) or call for an interview.

n about interview, went to my very first job interview today. just for the feeling to get to know how interview was conducted. haha. dont really care whether i get the job or not. huhu. n it is an walk-in interview. so at the first place, i am also not sure whether i am qualified for the job or not.

how was the interview? ok. not much to tell. haha

maybe that is all for now. adios ameegos. pray for my success.

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