Jan 30, 2012

my first month of 2012

so it has been the end of the first month of 2012. so how many things have i achieved so far? lets see..

9th January 2012. alhamulillah im finally done with all my final exam. that will be my last written paper for 4 years of study in material engineering. final paper was smart material. i am not really sure of my answers. but who cares, i am done as undergraduate student. but then am i really done?

10th January 2012. most of us (material batch 072) have done with our final exams, so we went for dinner together. it was really a moment to remember. after dinner (yang lama) we went to bowling alley at flamingo.
materials batch 072, with missing 6 girls. 

took some pictures while waiting for the boys to arrive. 
diorg g balik uia dulu after makan2, sbb both ammar got exam the next day. kesian..

score of the bowling league. league la sangat. haha. 
first timer dapat turkey. x puas ati sungguh

14th january. SUKSES. tak ingat stand for apa. but this tourney is selection to be selangor athlete for MAKAF. since this tourney is only for below 21. n im now 23, so jadi coach je la. padehal bukannye pandai sangat pon bab tournament ni. haha
happy faces. suma menang kot. 

then later on the same day. 5B 05' class gathering. since our math teacher is in kl. so buat je la gathering utk sape2 yg ade kt kl. it was indeed a great get together. buat malu je org yg kat india knows adni better than myself yg tak kua kl. anyhow, its a good sharing moment, getting back to old memories and current situation. 
not in picture is nabil n fatima. sbb diorg balik awal. 

15th january 2012. kua ngan dak material yg tak g makan2 at soul garden. aka girls day out with aini, sue and dee. kua pon sebab teman diorg redeem cupon buku 1 malaysia je. huhu. sbb da final sem, so diorg mostly beli buku novel n motivation book. n save remaining for thier siblings. baik btol kawan2 saya ni. 

later on the same day. dinner with ma cherie. k aini blanje. hee. 

18th january 2012. poster submission for IREE. tak tau nak letak apa kat poster tu senarnya. tapi letak jela pape. yg penting the poster tak kosong. haha. 

22-23rd january 2012. fyp report done. tinggal nk tunggu supervisor baca n bagi feedback je. n since imran is in KL. so we went to PD for holiday. went to Corus Paradise Resort. beach not nice. kotor. very crowded. service not good. bila fikir balik ok la. diorg layan je complain. so kira melayan customer la kan. so service is quite ok. huhu

25th january 2012. first submission of FYP report. banyak kisah. tapi xmo cite. haha. but then again. alhamdulillah it has passed. 

26-27th january 2012. overnite at double tree hotel. memula tu cam malas je. yela dok kl pon nk tdo hotel kt kl ke. but then since its free. so layan jela. thou to be exact, mom actually insisted for me to go teman my sister there. how we get that room again? well, my aunt salah tekan. n ter-book n ter-bayar 2 days 1 night stay there. n da alang2 dah bayar, so kami pon tdo la kt sana. kalo tak rugi la duit makcik kami tu. haha. its really good. love the pastries they serve for breakfast. 

30th january 2012. im done with my presentation. last presenter. schedule at 2.30pm n present cm kul 2.40 2.45 cmtu. n end at 3.05 rasanya. presentation was ok. i think. n rasa lega sangat2 sebab dah selesai.

so then coming up next is to present poster for IREE and FYP. back to back 21 n 22 feb. then anta hardcover report on 24th. then im done with undergrad. alhamdulillah. 

btw, malam ni kua result. tapi rasa cam malas je nk check. huhu

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