Feb 18, 2012


suddenly have this random wishlist. huhu.

1. to have my own tree house. but then, i live in condo. so where can i find a suitable tree to built a tree house for myself. n i dont really have the kampung where u can call kampung. with the exception of the one at  kendal. but then again, its far away from home n the last time ive been there is when im 8 years old. i think.

2. to have a house at the beach. with sea breeze. watching sunrise everyday. if i dont get a house like full house korean series, one like stairways to heaven house by the beach will be sufficient. tetiba terasa cam nk tengok balik dua cite ni. hehe

3. to have a closet room n not just a closet. but then, i dont think my current home is big enough for that.

4. to have a big room for myself. can do anything i want, n have ample space for myself.

5. nak main layang2. saya tak pandai wat layang2, n tak pandai terbangkan gak. haha. but i wish that somebody could make me a kite n teach me how to make it fly

6. to have somebody who can make my wish come true. =)

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