Mar 3, 2012

hows life change

Assalamualaikum and a very good weekend, cam headline berita lak. huhu. was reading my tumblr dashboard and found this... 
this statement is indeed true. the last time i met my schoolmate is after my final paper, smart materials paper if not mistaken. then on last thursday i met them again. thou it was less then 2 month, but the feeling is just different. from the five of us girls. dulu dua je yg da keje. skrg ni suma da keje da. including myself. thou this RA is just temporary, tapi keje gak la kan. hoho. 

then im thinking, in a year time, one of us will get married. n soon after another one will get married. eh apa cerita pasal kawin2 ni. 

i think a lot lately. other than thinking of my work, i think of my future which seems so uncertain. but then again, nape la nak fikir sangat kan. wat sakit kepala je. pastu nanti kena makan ubat. but then again, why dont i just agree. agree to my parents wants. be what they want me to be. like some of my friends.  n one of the lecturers in uia pon cakap, dulu bukan cita2 dia nak jadi lecturer. tapi dia jadi lecturer sebab mak dia nak dia jadi lecturer. n she is now actually happy with her job. 

the end...

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