Mar 18, 2012

cycle of life

ikhsan sayang kak ija. 
= i need to buy choki-choki and rocky
= he can take my lolipop that im craving for
= he can take my choki-choki that im currently eating
= i need to suapkan dia makan
= i need to let him use my laptop 
he is so using me. nasib baik comel. size macam 3 years old but actully age 5. preschoolers...

preschool - done
primary school - done
secondary school - done
preuniversity - done
degree - done

still looking for a job. dah bosan cari kerja. haha. currently research assistant. doing about the same work like my final year project. simple word, DAH BOSAN. haha. luckily doesnt sign till august. kenapa dah bosan? sebab dulu dah set dalam otak im done with this by january. n now is march. my mind still couldnt except the fact that i need to do this nonsense. tettt!!

now waiting for a miracle.

n will continue looking for a job..

and my last words..

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