Mar 26, 2012

one for many

when i was in form 5. i change my ambition nearly everyday. what do i want to pursue after my IGCSE? i love physics and thinking of being a physicist. i love chemistry and want to be a chemist. i love math and wanted to be a mathematician. on the same year, i want to be an engineer, architect, interior designer, food scientist and more.

but then i end up taking engineering in UIA. went there cuz my dad wants me to. anyway, before, i thought it is easy to go to uia n get a degree. but it turns out different. its not easy to get admitted to uia. n not easy to get a degree from here.

ok. so back to main topic. islamic scholars used to have major in many field. al-khawarizmi for example, he is a mathematician, an astronomer and a geographer. how can he do that? n he is not the only one. al-biruni, ibn rushd, ibn sina are among others who did actually could major in many field. how can they do what they did? n their study are still being used today. 

i wish that i could be like them. but then do i behave like them? do i think like them? have i finish understand the quran? there are still a lot of things that needed to be done. so where am i now?? 

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