Mar 25, 2012

why i love looking at the sky

when i was younger, i love to ask things. from the smallest of things to the unnecessary things.

to recall, when i was in my primary one, there is this class on tauhid in islamic stidsies class. n i ask the teacher if everything was created by God, who created Him? and her reply was that He exist and i just shouldnt ask. later at home i ask my dad the same question and he reply the same thing. solat and reading quran back then was just a daily routine. time flies. n i live my life like an ordinary kid, no more question regarding this matter.

but then when i grew older, some kid ask me the same question. i answered the way how people answered my question back than. i started to questioned myself on the existence of God again. i then asked my ustazah n she said not to ask this things as it will effect our tauhid. she asked me to take a look at this world. the sky, trees and everything else. n it become my hobby. n till now i still loves the nature. 

i dont actually remember when. but there was this tazkirah that i went to where the ustaz said, knowledge in this world is vast but it is still limited. there are things that can be explained and there are things that we just need to except as it is. taking the tomato and chili plant. both are from the earth. both are red. but only one that is spicy but the other does not. from that moment i question everything back. i look at the sky, the moon, the stars. there should be a Creator who could make the sky stay as they are. n not falling like the one in chicken little story. 

look around u. the sky, the moon, the stars. the trees, flower, fruits. the animals, cats, lizards, flies, mosquitoes. there should be a Creator. we should have a Creator. and there is a Creator 

if u are a doctor, u should know that God exist by looking at human anatomy.
if u are a chemist, u should know that God exist by being analytical when studying organic and inorganic substance or any material per say.
if u are a physicist, u should know that God exist by looking at the nature of time and the origin of the universe, or when attempting to discover and explain laws describing the forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear interaction, etc).
if u are an engineer, u should be an expert in science and math. well, at least u know this things when u take your degree. hence, you should know that God exist.

to conclude. whoever u are, u should know that God exist if u really ponder on His creation. taking pure sciences whouldnt meant that u should be an atheist.   

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