Oct 22, 2012

an answer to my questions..

I asked dad whether I should stay or should I do for research.
Then he asked me back what is the purpose of me working.
Then he said, have that objective first then decide.

Then so, I am thinking. What can I do to help others if I stay? 
Or what do I contribute if I leave?

Another conversation with this friend of mine. 
I said to him work is no fun and that I miss my life as a student.
And this is his reply. 
Things aren't in full speed in compare to my student life as its actually a zone for me to prepare for my future. 
Marriage, further study, work, etc.
He advised me to stay. and wait for a few month at least. 
And he also said this, 
"don't rush too much
look at the beauty of the world
without spilling the water in the teaspoon
the water represent your self
so be sane"

I gave the same question to another friend of mine.
Not actually a question, but statement that I missed my student life.
And his reply is actually simpler.
Go marry someone and end the work life miseries. 

All in all, I'm thinking to leave this place, but I'll ensure that to leave a mark before leaving.
Be good to me if you want to be treated nicely. 
I can be very evil if I want to.

I am not afraid of you or any of your friends as Allah is with me. 

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