Oct 21, 2012

kanak2 nak membesar (part 3)

I just really really reaaaallly like to talk bout myself aye? tried to abstain myself from doing it actually. but still doing it.

so now ill be writing bout myself AGAIN. so what is it about me that I want to tell the world about? in short I'll tell you something bout life.

Life is short.
It seems like yesterday I moved to Kuala Lumpur.
It seems like it was yesterday that I started school.
My very first formal education was in Tadika Amal at Jalan Enggang.
And my very first car accident was near that place.

It seems like yesterday I started primary school.
Those years where I learned math and science in malay.
And it also seems like yesterday I changed school to all english syllabus (except for malay and arabic language classes of course)
It seems like it was yesterday my school was merged with this school using malaysia syllabus (which make me difficult to explain whether my school is actually english or malay school?!)
Then I took my O-level which wrapped up my high school days.
Which also seems like just happen yesterday.
How fast time flies.

Then I went to Matriculation Centre.
Met some new friends.
Join Karate AGAIN. and yet haven't reach black yet.
From PJ, went to Gombak Campus.
Met new set of friends.
and everything just seems like it was yesterday.

I believe that I was enrolled to IIUM Matriculation centre on year 2006.
6 years later, on 2012, I get a scroll saying I can now practice engineering.
How fast time flies.

But then.
What do I actually want to do?
What can I do to return the love of people around me?
What should I do to help people around me?
What is necessary for me to do next?

I am done with the so call formal education.
What should I do next?

Has my 4 month work.
Received the monthly salary.
Changed how I am, help my surrounding?
How about the ummah?

Should I continue studying (master)?
changed to research ?
(tiring but something I can actually do)
Or should I stay to my current job.
(Salary not bad, job simple, sometimes no work)

Then I asked myself,
What is my own objective in working?
For money?
Or for what?
No matter what we do we should actually contribute to something rite?
but what is it that I can contribute.

I'm in dilemma....

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