Oct 24, 2012

should I should I not?

I have made my mind that
I should either write in full Malay or English
then its seems that when I want to write an entry in Malay, English wording just would appear.
and so does when I write in English, Malay terms could just come out. 
I'm referring to my previous post here. 

This situation does actually remind me of my computer teacher, Uztaz Zul. Don't ask me how he get the title ustaz. In my school, it just so happen that all male teacher were called Ustaz even thou they only teach math or computer studies. And for the female teachers, they were called teachers. I don't know how this segregation occurs. But it is just so happen to be like that.

So about this teacher of mine. He taught me Computer Studies. and Alhamdulillah his teaching does help me in many aspect of life. From undergrad life, in writing reports, till in this working life. My colleague ask me how do I know those formulas in doing excel, and I proudly answer "this is what I learned in high school". bajet hebat

So about this teacher of mine, once upon a time he studied in German. So when I couldn't absorb any more computer algorithm, I will ask him to teach me German. haha. this is what is cool bout my school. Well, it is more like this is what is cool of having only 4 student in a class. How come only for student? Because there are only 4 cool student who dare to take Computer Studies (CS) class instead of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Its like the uni life, those who took BCS is consider smarter than those who take BIT thou both majoring are in KICT. So I am among those cool smart kids. haha

But then, I actually have forgotten the his German lesson. huhu. What I remember is only "ish liber dish". spell ikot sedap rasa. But what I do remember about him is that he actually prefer Malay. "Bahasa Melayu bahasa yang menusuk kalbu". Or it is something like that. 

What make me suddenly want to talk bout him?
This photo. 
Its a snapshot from a senior of mine. Now a teacher teaching Pseudocode.

When I was in high school, we only learn 2 types of algorithm. 1 is flowchart (with correct symbols!) and 2 is pseudocode. Flowchart is alot easier. All I need is to know those symbols. For pseudocode, its like how on earth do i know what I write is correct?! So I learn Java (maybe, I am actually not sure and I don't use it in my uni life). just take it as the LLL as I'm actually not sure what computer language did I used. so from the HLL to LLL, is like HELL. haha. I need that LLL to know whether my loop is complete,  but to write that LLL is not easy. got that 'wincrt' and what not to make it possible for computer to understand. Stupid computers. haha 

I do learn this things again in matric. But it is way too simpler. I don' need to use my brain to write that HLL all I need is to write the LLL. and LLL using C++ is easy as ABC. All I need is to write the coding, then click RUN. If cannot run check which is incomplete. How to know the program is incomplete? read the comment on the right hand side bottom corner. Simple aye?

So now. Why do write bout all this? haha. dah la lari tajuk. I'm at work but seems like no work. Maybe I should write bout OS after this. Selamat Hari Raya!!

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