Oct 24, 2012

belajar bahasa jom

I am super bored in office. Went to office but no work to do. Went home. Have a lot of work to do. But don't know what to do first. So mom end up doing herself and I ended up only help her sometimes. hehe

I have talked bout computer language on previous post. So should I write on OS now? nah.. it will make me sound to geeky.

So let us talk about normal human language. Computer are stupid as they can't understand our language unless we program it to do so. Or should I say the man who invented those computer language are not smart enough to write a normal human language that he need to invent a computer language. But then am I smart enough to write a language that both man and computer understand? Woah this situation is like throwing a ball to the wall and the ball hits back to you at the face. So ok I'll leave those language as it is. Dear geeks, you can continue with your computer language and we will stick to our human language, the HLL.

Talking bout language. I am actually not that good in English. Not only in English, I am not good in all languages I know. As long as you can understand me, that is good enough. I rarely ace my language subject be it Enslish, Malay or Arabic. hehe. Nak satukan bahasa computer dengan manusia konon. berangan sudahlah. 

Starting next sentence onward, I will mix Malay and English.

"Takkan lari gunung dikejar". Meaning you don't have to rush on things.
Tapi kalau tak menapak ke gunung tu, mana boleh sampai kan? So take your pace in doing things. Don't rush, but you will still need to do whatever you need to achieve your goal. Or else you will just be stagnant.

"Usaha tangga kejayaan". Meaning you will need the stairs to go to your goal.
But then now we have excelator and elevator. So why use the stairs? You will need to put more energy in reaching the goal. haha. But what happen if system breakdown? no electricity maybe. Maybe we just need to stick to that stairs. Don't take elevator. You might end up stuck in there, if the doors refuse to open. haha.

"Masuk bakul angkat sendiri". I don't know how to translate this proverb. tetiba teringat kat ain lak. eh eh. Dulu memang tak boleh masuk bakul angkat sendiri, but now can. Sebab ada hot ballon. haha.

That's all for now. Sila jangan rosakkan peribahasa seperti yang saya buat. hehe. Dan sila jangan marah.

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Yuuki Hoshi said...

kenape??? knape aku??? cam tak paham je.. aku ader ckap kau masuk bakul angkat sendiri ke?? huhuhuhu... =p