Jan 13, 2015

draft from Y2014

...this is not the continuation of previous entry...

was checking my draft and found this:

"macam tak percaya je. NOT a SINGLE post in year 2013?!!. skrg ni da 2014 kan. tak percaya kt diri sendiri that i actually really check today's calender. n yes its april 2014.

busy sgt ke? or am i too happy"

this draft was in April 2014. and I did not actually finish up writing what ever that I actually plan. and I also could not recall why I start writing that post. hehe.

anyhow, this is what I can conclude:
1. things may not be the way you plan to be.
or in this case, not the way I plan to end this post.

2. when we are busy with something along the way. we can actually forget the initial plan.
in this case, I can't recall what actually plan to write.
for writing blog, this is petty stuff. but in real life (as a reminder to myself), we actually need to stay in track, stick to our goal in life. something along the way should not hinder you from your actual plan.

recalling childhood memories, in morning assembly our headmaster always remind us that our life is only the journey to our kampung (village). and our kampung is where adam and hawa (eve) was created. we were send down to earth (from heaven where our kampung is) because we disobey Allah's command. our aim in this earth should be to go back to our kampung (syurga). and we should not be stop by petty stuff in this world. be it music, work, family. all this should make us closer to our kampung, not further.

3. my memory retention is not good.

p/s: just knew that my English is quite good. except for the punctuation. huhu

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.. As_Z .. said...

Nak dengar cerita pasal family awak (including your princess)!! :D