Feb 3, 2009


plural of quiz is quizes i guest. but somehow i feel like i spelled it incorrectly.

anyway, i got 3 quizes this week. but it is 2 now cuz DE quiz will be postpone to next week. it might be next week to be more accurate cuz he might do quiz anytime he like. but must be class time la.

ok. so my next 2 quizes will be this evening at 5pm and tomorrow at 11.30am. today's quiz will be on thermo. thermodynamics of materials, mme2203. might be n might not be open book quiz. will cover up till carnot. but im not sure. my guts keep telling me dat there will be no quiz because he (the lecturer) did not say anything concerning or getting near to quizes last class. i only new it from someone. he said that during our absence for 22nd jan, thursday. there is actually a lecture which we thought was cancelled. the lecturer told them (those who were presence that there will be a quiz on 3rd feb, tuesday.). so.. entahla

n for tomorrow, there will be a quiz on lattice. material physics, mme 2202. from the 1st lecture, we still in lattice structure till now. more understand n more confuse at the same time. haha. hope to see new topic this month.

about holiday. uia follow the selangor public holiday. so im not going to have class on monday. but, for some reason. some of my lecturer give assignment n need to be submitted on monday. so i was like what?!. i want holiday! i want holiday! but i didnt say it to him of course. at the end of the day, both of them postpone the submisson date. sebenarnye tak bgtau pn takpe kan? tapi korang bace je la

that is all for now. arigato for reading.


snowstarzz said...

huahuahua.. sian.. alah cam lecturer tu ader kat ofis ari isnin.. antar pagi selasa pun tak pe kot.. hihihi aku suruh kau wat jahat ni..

Local Reporter said...

If you think that's bad, wait till you're working. And foreign lecturers still can't fix to the Malaysian timing, as other countries celebrate only one religion's celebration. Not a collection. And sometimes they forgot about the hols. Even I do that sometimes. Nearly went to class that day