Feb 5, 2009

sangkaan meleset..

apa yang ku fikirkan ternyata salah. there is still thermo quiz on tuesday. n i do it very badly. n for DE, there is no quiz as he told us earlier.

about today, i feel uneasy like something not right. but dunno what it is. still searching for the answer. any guess?

what i have gone through today? got class at 8.30 as usual. will be having MoM mid-term on the 24th feb. then went to KENMS [hope dat i spell it correctly]. study max profit. the graph n calculation. then went back to engin for DE. mid-term for DE might be on 22nd feb.

about GEN4100. i am not sure when is the mid-term. but he once said that it is on 9 feb, monday. but since at that time is public holiday, i dont know when he will posspone the mid-term. n i need to do a book review to be submitted to him on tuesday. i dont know the format. but ill try to do it by today. n will ask him about that n mid-term to him tomorrow. insyaAllah.

lastly. got no material physics class next week. so no lattice structure for next week.
btw, dont do well on material physics quiz. but i think i got pass

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