May 15, 2009


everyone got theirs. some got many. some got only one. dream is like a goal. something that we aim to get in the future. in malay, it is called "impian", "cita-cita", "angan-angan". where if directly translated to english is "goal", "ambition", "dream".

everyone dream everyday, when they sleep or sometimes when they are awake. if they are dreaming when they are awake, it is called "day dreaming". in malay we call "mimpi di siang hari". but sometimes the word day-dreaming is inaccurate [for me lah], cuz if u are dreaming at night[malam] but not sleeping it is not day dreaming right?? but i dont know what it is called. cuz it is no longer during the day time. hahaha

what is my dream. well, i dont really have an ambition. cuz since small, i keep on changing my ambition. now, im taking material engineering. its partly my choice cuz my parents never force me to take anything. but the decision is based on my parents idea. so i actually not really sure of the decision i make.

till now, im actually jealous or "iri" in malay, to those who know what they want to do in the future. cuz some people, i dont know how, know what they really want to be since a child. but other people like me, still in search of their to be carrier. i still dont know whether i really want to be engineer. sometimes yes, some other time is no.

so what is my dream/impian? well, i only wish that i can please my parent every way possible. i really love my mom n my dad. whatever i do, i try not to do what they dislike. n i always want to repay what they have done for me. so, that could be the reason why i choose engineering, cuz insyaAllah, will get stable job, n can take care of my parents.

other reason i take engineering? well, i love math. love logic, n it got less abstract. huhu

where do i get this topic? well last night, or yesterday, i watch hana yori dango final (Japanese).

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Reportero local said...

Well, I always wnted to be an engineering... And added with some debate skills and a hint of medic. He he he . . .