Jan 27, 2011

329: bad to worse

so it is me again talking about myself. khadijah has gone from bad to worse. n keep on giving unreasonable reasons to make the what is bad to look good.

today is the third day. i skipped classes for 3 consecutive days with 3 different subject. new record for me. but not a good one. tuesday is the first time ever i skipped lab. yesterday i skipped management class, n the midexam for this subject is this saturday. n today i skipped a class again. what happen to me? bukan budak bijak pon. n this few days, i cant read. let me rephrase this, i can read but everything seems so hangging in the air. i read, dont understand, n dont know what i am reading. n the exam is on this saturday n yet skipping class. teruk perangai. i know

the post i write yesterday suppose to make me do better. but it seems that i dont perform my life better. i dont do things that suppose to be done.

i get email from a friend, he give advise to me on something. dia memang kawan yang baik. anyway, just want to tell you that i used to not behaving that way. it is just lately aku dah tak betul. wait, not really lately. it all started from the early ending vacation. or in other word, it start when we are suppose to be back at home, but i am in uia doing some stuff. yes, it started back then. meaning i am not a good girl even before this sem starts.

next week is term break. so i might cut some of my worldly relation n be a better person after i come back from the holiday. khadijah can do it! be better for myself, parents n deen. word terakhir to macam seram la pulak lepas type. banyaknye kewajipan yg tidak ditunaikan..

30 more minutes to my next class. my final class before the term break.

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Ameen Topa said...

Sir gave hints for midterm yesterday n solved assignment 2. He told us to study the assignments and he said that midterm will be similar to the assignment...