Feb 20, 2011


need to learn to say NO
need to learn how to say GOOD THINGS about other people
need to know how to PRAISED others thou they only do small little things

need to be FREQUENTLY check planner
so that i dont agree to go to two different place at the same time

need to learn how to talk LESS

need to know a better way to COMMUNICATE
so that people will LISTEN to me not just hear
n DO what i want them to do

being a teacher helps me to be a better student

in search of myself to be a better me

own experience is the best ingredient in life
you dont know what life is till u experience it yourselves
people will learn something from their mistakes

anything happens there will always have Somebody UP THERE ready to listen to us
Who already give us the book of guidance (Quran)

learning FARAAID (inheritence law) is confusing

healthy mind comes from healthy body

what we do now determines our life tomorrow


I love myself
I am not a boy trapped in a girl's body

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