Feb 13, 2011

aku sayang Malaysia!!

hectic week? not really. its just that doing thing at the very last minute and doing things that subordinate must do, but didnt do it the way we want it to be n we end up doing the things ourselves. subordinate seems harsh ya, so it is something that need to be done by my junior but the dont do it the way i want it to be. it goes with the saying, if u want to get things right u get to do it yourself. im not saying they didnt do their job at all. it is just that it is not the way it should be. or at least now the way i want it to be.

anyway, coming program is yokoso and outdoor training. 26th n 27th feb. we put it a bit late. technically should be in the middle of this sem, but purposely we schedule this way, to fit to karateka's planner. to fit to uia calender for booth uia main campus n foundation studies. but somehow, still go clashing with kibukai taournament (hope i spell it correctly). so some of the karateka already cant make it. really hope that all the things that should be done are done. n that things go as planned.

then,  onegaishimasu (hope that i also spell it correctly). this one suppose to together with IKCT, but then with some reason keep postponing the event. n finally was postponed to 5th march. (hope that there will be no more postponement of this program). i just want to tell the world that in UIA, if there is campus election, no program should take place. both inside n outside program. in malay term. "semua program harus dibekukan". yes student can only do nothing in uia other than going to classes. i dont know this is applicable to all university or only happen in uia.

next is ummatic week 2011. this is an every year program where uia citizens show where they come from. more to sharing of culture around the globe. uia is itself international having student around the globe. it is just that in my major (material engineering), i only met one not malaysian student. i refuse to call him international students cuz i think all of us are actually international students, the difference is just that are u local citizens or foreigner.

so, about this ummatic week. last thursday. i met one of my friend. he ask me to be the malaysian representative for this ummatic week. i thought he is just kidding. n so i refuse with reason im actually half malaysian. haha. but then, today, looking at two of my friend fb status. i feel like i need to be the malaysian represenative (thou i actually dont know what i need to do if i am one). so i ask him (my friend who is one of the ummatic week committee), whether it is still vacant or somebody already take it. n he said there are still no  malaysian representative. n so now. another job for me. but this one i share with my material friend. my msd asgn group to be exact. but seems like one of my senior seems to be interested in this so now it is 5 of us. if my ex-roomate agrees to be one of us, then it will be 6. so the things that we need to do so far is to think of how to decorate Malaysian booth so that to promote the true Malaysian identity. hehe. if u are uia student, malaysian n want to join me n contribute ur idea. u r most welcome.

n btw, this ummatic exhibition is on 2nd till 7th march, clash with onegaishimas, 5th march. but why i still take this job? one reason is that i just feel sad knowing Malaysia booth will be empty. thou im actually singapore citizens, but i was raised in Malaysia. this is the place i know what life is about. if there are somebody who want to be the malaysian representative, i will jsut leave it alone n just visit booth@ummatic exhibiton like what i did every year. but seems that nobody take it. so i feel responsible to take the place. but im not alone in this mission (mission do sound big, i know), but i have my close friend who are equally as busy like me with me. i not alone, n i do have supporter. u are also welcome to support me. but please dont say what i do is of no good n just bring trouble to myself.

both Tunisia n Egypt already make a big change in their country. this will not be a success without togetherness of its nation. n will not even start without an initiator. life is not easy as it looks. if we want a change in this world, we need to say it out loud. there will always somebody who will give u support. all u need is to search for this people who are willing to be with u no matter how big or small the wave. suddenly feel like going to the beach. hehe

seems that my writing is long enough. getting back to work..
all the best in all the good things that u do..

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