Mar 15, 2011

should live in diversity

when studying, doing assignment. the brain start to think.
thinking need energy. i cant think straight when i'm hungry
hence, after studying for a while, u tend to get hungry.
n search for food

usually when im studying, i have some chocolate or candies with me. didnt bother much what brand, but still tend to grab some choki2, m&m or cadbury. tiba2 teringat kelas dengan dr kabbashi tadi, haha. n this is some of the things i bring along and always in my bag. oh, n i also have some biscuit with me. yang ni sebab parents dok promote biskut oat munchies. sedap la pulak, used to hate oats stuff. and also to help me focus during class. memang tak lea nak study kalau perut lapar. mengunyah membantu untuk tidak mengantuk

but this days, the not so fussy me changed
i no longer can take nasi goreng, ayam goreng, telur goreng, tomyam, ayam masak paprik, masak merah, chicken chop, fish n chips, yong tau foo, nasi lemak, nasi ayam, burger, and the list goes on.
so every time i want to buy something for dinner, i will think like few minutes. go round the cafe for few times or stand at the door and look at every single corner of the cafe, and think.. think.. and think. sometimes end up buying nothing or just copy my friend's menu. i'll just eat whatever she eats.. 

n for lunch or brunch. go round kaed cafe. sometimes up to 3 or 4 times checking the lauk. n end up with nothing or the very same thing.. edu cafe, ikan and nothing else. haha. i also dont know why i cant eat ayam lately..

anyway, in conclusion, all cafe in uia should diversify their menu. 
btw, today i eat nasi with ikan for lunch and chiken chop for dinner.  

doing assignment, with cereal (milo+honeystar). my new menu for supper. eating this nearly every night. will go muak one day. no longer can eat cookie crips. haha 

fish are food not friends..
friends are friends, not food.. 

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