Apr 3, 2011


media, be it the newspaper, television, books, internet. i really am not sure what i should n should not believe in. i sometimes asked my friend who is taking history as her major subject. n she said, even textbook, doesnt reviled everything it should. n thats the need of reading lots of textbook. n that is also the reason why we should filter some of the facts. cuz even history books now contain some biasness. n if it is me who is reading a textbook, especially if it is history textbook, how should i know that what i am reading is the absolute truth. i know a country who play with history facts n take bits n pieces for its own individual needs. individual needs which exclude the needs of the citizens.

now my next point, documentary tv show. taking history channel as an example. lots n lots of biasness. "history should not be taken at only from a single angle". it is actually a quote from somewhere, but not really sure from where. hehe.

now about science facts. a fact derive theories. theories come from hypothesis. from hypothesis u make experiment out of it. u create experiment such that u will get the result that u want, that is ur or hypothesis. if the theory is approved by experiment, then the theory become facts. so now, both theories n facts are not absolute truth. so how could u actually tell the absolute truth.

this things recur so so many times in my head. so i do ask some of my close friend on their opinion on this matter. n some of them told me not to really think of this things, it will make u far from Allah and will turn my self to be an atheist. hear but not listening, i smiled.

i do still believe in myself. n my point is that, the more u think, the closer u r to God. some muslim converts, or they prefer calling themselves people who revert to Islam, said that they think, n thats what make them search for truth n found Islam. n isnt Islam also encourage us to think, to search, n convey the truth. so i believe that what i am doing is not wrong. so if u come across some of this questions, if questions like this popped out from ur head, do approach somebody whom u think can answer this kind of question. cuz not all ustaz n ustazah can answer this stuff..

oh btw, it so happen that one fine day i bought a novel, a book, that relate a story on this matter. cant really recall the exact book title, but it is something like , "semakinku cari ternyata Tuhan itu ada". n i didnt go that extream like the boy in that book, i do still believe in Allah, it is just that there is so many things that appear. in my mind. some have been answered, some still in search of the answer.

in conclusion, the world might be doing trick on us. but how far we go, God have given the Quran for our guidance, a book that doesnt contain a single lie.

feel better after writing, thou some still cant be written with words, but still do feel better.

currently reading my management notes, doesnt agree with some points. but hey, after some pages there are also refutation regarding the theories. haha. so there are also people who think n not just follow. hope that they will find Islam. the real one, not the one we just inherit without knowing.

do give ur opinion if u have any

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Through testing and probing will we reach the might and love of Allah S.W.T