May 21, 2011


n so i have completed my 4 weeks of training and 8 weeks to go. so far i haven't use any of what i have learn in my 3 and a half year classes in uia. n seriously working is so different than uia life. n i do have actually learned alot. n seriously alot. but there are still so many things to learn. that i dont think the 8 weeks would be enough. 

one of the good things that i have learned is that, since i could say working in my dad working environment, i now know what actually my dad is working on. what my dad actually do to feed us his children. how many drawing that he need to go through. but the thing not so good in working in a place where nearly everybody know my dad is that. if i feel like asking, they would say ur dad is better in doing this things. n now i do feel like working with my dad. but at the same time i dont want to work with my dad. he is so garang sometimes..

anyway, we live in this world once. n i one to maximize my time in technip. there are so so much things to learn as material engineer. so far my progress is only i understand the document. but not that good that i can write such document. khadijah boleh. go go. i can do it

btw, lately asik tetido je time tazkirah zuhor. huhu
oh. im not the only intern kt department ak. yeah!! 

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