Mar 24, 2012

math is awesomazing

awesome + amazing = awesomazing

I just love the saying above. how a simple thing as the ABC would have the effect on us. from ABC we know how to read and write. without reading we just wouldnt be in that learning process to be who we are today.

when i was in school, my favorite subject was math. i just love numbers. i love math more when i started learning algebra. n love the most when started learning differentiation and integration. 

math however is not only about numbers. u can actually relate math with life. in math there could have more than a thousand and one way to get to the correct answers and in life we also could have a thousand and one way to make our life better. in math, the most happiest moment is when u could solve the mathematical problem. the feeling where u get that ultimate success in life. but its just that during final exam there are that  time constrain. in life, we have lots of constrain. we just couldnt do everything to have that ideal situation we have in mind, but we actually could have a thousand and one way to make us happy. 

in math there is this formula or mathematical expression that just make ur life easier. when u just use that formula, plug in the numbers, press the calculator, and u have the absolute answer to that question. and life is like that. we do have a formula to make us happy in this life and here after which is by following the quran and as-sunnah.

there is something in life however that couldnt be related to math. in math, if we really follow the way we should calculate something, we will always get the correct answer and it will always go that way. in life however, there will be some ups and down. taking my current work for example. having the right temperature and pressure would not necessarily end up having a good product. this is what we call test in life. where we need to have patient at all times.

  i am an engineering graduate. thinking math in philosophical way.. i just love math. 

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